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A Night (and week) to Remember in Alaska!

November 25, 2023
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Community Pregnancy Center- Anchorage, AK

Everyone always says- “being on the road must be so fun!” and “you must get to see and do so many cool things.” But the truth is, as a dad of six I need to get back home quickly so I normally just fly in the day of the event, tour the facility & meet the team, and then perform/speak at the event and fly out the next morning. HOWEVER, when you’re booked in Anchorage, Alaska and it’s on your wife’s bucket list to go to Alaska, you make it a mini-trip with her. Katie and I spent four days in Alaska and it was AMAZING. She had never toured a pregnancy care center before so it was really special getting to see her reaction (which turned out to be a lot of tears) hearing all the stories and seeing all the great work the staff & volunteers are doing at the Community Pregnancy Center in Anchorage. We continue to pray for them as they look to expand their incredible ministry. What a blessing Greg and his team are to their community! And what a fantastic event they put on for their supporters & partners. Top notch with over 500 in attendance!

While in Alaska, the number one item on Katie’s wish list was seeing the Northern Lights. It’s never a guarantee to see them so we did everything we could to help our chances. We stayed in a tiny cabin in Talkeetna, Alaska which was 2.5 hours north of Anchorage where they are often seen. And sure enough…..WE SAW THEM…….uh…..at 3am! My wife kept telling me, “I know they’re gonna appear” and as always, she was right!

We also hiked, saw lots of wildlife, ate great food, and met wonderful people. The views were truly breathtaking and exceeded our expectations. We also ate pizza at the Moose’s Tooth where they revealed that in Alaska, there’s no rules for what can and can’t go on a pizza. I told the server to surprise me; she brought me a pizza with steak and tater tots. Crazy? Yes. Best pizza ever? Also YES.

Thanks, Anchorage and the Community Pregnancy Center for an amazing week! If you’d like to learn more or support the amazing team at CPC, visit them at: cpcanchorage.com

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